Kassini Keerai

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Kassini Keerai  - Chicory leaves are also called as kasini keerai in tamil. The botanical name for chicory leaves are Cichorium intybus. The roots of the plant that are grown under the ground is used to make coffee more tastier and adds more flavor to the drink. The summer and spring seasons are the best time to purchase this plant. The plant above the ground, i.e leaves, stem etc are added in medicinal supplements. The baby leaves are used in salads while the matured leaves are used in cooking with vegetables and meat. The taste of the leaves are bitter but it works better in case of severe pains. 

KASINI REMOVES KIDNEY STONES AND GALL STONES  Formation of stones in Gall bladder is very painful problem. Abdominal pain, vomiting are the symptoms that occur in Gallbladder stones. In allopathic medicine surgery is the final solution.  Kasini helps to dissolve Gall bladder stones without surgery but it should be taken for atleast six months.   KASINI CURES HEPATITIS  Kasini Seeds and leaves cure jaundice and hepatitis. Galen calls Kasini as a friend of liver, Leaves and roots are used in jaundice and hepatitis to stimulate appetite. It is useful in dropsy, Hepatitis, Jaundice, fever and other bilious complaints. Kasini seeds contain a bland oil. Kasini roots contain nitrate and sulphate of Potash and Mucilage.   

KASINI HEALS PILES  Piles and Constipation is the common problem. Surgery and Cryo-Surgery is the solution from the allopathic doctors. Unani medicine helps to avoid surgery. Kasini is a mild laxative herb. It reduces inflammation and relieves constipation and is useful in haemorrhoids (Piles).  

KASINI CURES JOINTS PAIN  Kasini is the medicine for rheumatoid arthiritis. Kasini eliminates uric acid from the blood. It is the excess of production of uric acid in the blood that causes rheumatoid arthiritis, gout and, joints pain.  Uric acid is the end product of the purine metabolism or oxidation in the body. It is present in the blood in a concentration of 5mg per 100 ml., and is excreted in the urine. Excess of uric acid in blood, salts of uric acid in urinary tract and deposited in the joints and tissues are the reasons for ailments like gout, arthiritis etc   

KASINI REMOVES CONSTIPATION Kasini is a laxative. Constipation is the mother of all diseases. Constipation creates gastritis, piles, deuodonal ulcer and severe abdominal pain.Kasini is a laxative and helps to relieve constipation. Because it is a mild laxative. It is appropriate especially for children.    

KASINI IS ANTIBIOTIC  Kasini is -a safe anti-bacterial medicine for filaria and hydroceyle. The Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine of Government of India, has tried Kasini on filaria, infective fevers and various urinary infections.  

KASINI ENEMA FOR CONSTIPATION  The decoction made from chicory roots is used as an enema and is a wonderful remedy for increasing peristaltic action and getting the liver to work.

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