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Pirandai Thogayal | Chutney benefits: for Gastritis, Indigestion & Lack of Appetite:

Pirandai thogayal treats all digestion related problems like gastritis, indigestion and lack of appetite. Pirandai thogayal can be made in matter of minutes and tastes really good. To make the thogayal, take around a cup of cleaned, finely chopped pirandai. Heat around 1.5 tbsps of sesame oil in a pan and roast 3 tbsp urad dhal, 3 dry red chillies, a small piece of asafoetida separately till golden and remove from the pan. Now take the cut pirandai pieces in the same pan and fry well till the color of pirandai changes to pale color. Grind the fried spices first to a coarse powder in a blender, now add fried pirandai, 1 tsp of tamarind, salt, a pinch of jaggery and grind to thick coarse paste with very little water.

Pirandai For Sprains:

Pirandai poultice is very good for treating sprains and swollen joints (suluku in Tamil). It is also one home remedy that many people in our village use often for minor injuries, as it heals the minor sprains and fractures very fast. Take pirandai and clean like I mentioned above, now take a cup of pirandai and grind it in a mixer with very little water and extract the juice.

Pirandai for Bleeding Piles & Deworming:

This treatment for bleeding piles has to done continuously for at least 7 to 10 days to see results. For the treatment take pirandai and cut into small pieces after cleaning and scrapping. Now take little bit of homemade ghee in a pan and fry the pirandai pieces well, till the color changes. If you don't fry pirandai well, you will have the itchiness in your throat after eating it.

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