Mexican Parsley (Paruppu Keerai)

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The common variety of plant that can be seen all over the world is common purslane. It can be used in salads, with non veg and veg dishes. This symbolises the characteristics of this variety are refrigerant, diuretic, mild astringent and emollient.It helps to purify the blood and most common diseases which stays for long time can be healed by taking this variety. Most recommended spinach variety for mothers who lacks mother's milk secretion.

The bad cholesterol can be reduced if garlic is added with paruppu keerai while cooking the delicious dish.

Take the equal amount of seed under leaf or stonebreaker with common purslane and turmeric.Grind all the things and have it as a medicine for inflammation of the liver.

It acts as a medicine for reducing burns and wounds. Apply the paste of this variety on the affected area for natural cure.

Turmeric has anti bacterial and anti septic properties that has a power of protecting the skin from harmful skin problems. Even though it is not equal to turmeric medicinal values, common purslane contain some powers that adds more healing properties.  Spread the paste thst both ingrediants on the affected area.

Drink the juice that has this variety with one spoon of fenugreek leaves to get free from dysentry.

Boil common purslane, garlic, onion, capsicum in a vessel or choose a dish with the above things and give it to the adults for glowing skin and face. children are advised to have it to increase appetite. 

Water dysentery is common problem that takes around few minutes for instant relief. the remedy is 60 ml of paruppu keerai juice in the morninr and evening.

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